Funny Games

The Unfair Platformer
This game is pure evil.
Lemon Smash
When life hands you lemons, smash them!
Bowling Alley Defense
Protect your pins.
Screaming Beans
I hate beans.
Stair Fall
The bloodier the fall, the higher the score.
Keep the tourists off the beach.
Its A Fact
Can you handle the truth?
Death by Hinge
Death by a bloody hinge. Not a pleasant way to go.
Heel Over
Those darned high heels!
Flight of the Hamsters
Ready for takeoff.
Little Loki
Escape from hell.
Tangerine Panic
Dodge the bouncing citrus fruit.
Zelda Lampshade
Link's strangest adventure yet...
Interactive Buddy
Interact with the little guy.
Kitten Cannon
Awww, poor kitty :(
Sink Your Drink
Sink as many drinks as you can.
Aim for the toilet.
Generation Rx
Give your customers their meds.

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