Funny Games

Canoniac Launcher 2
Launch the robot!
Pinata Hunter 2
Make it rain candy!
Balls of Life
Grab life by the balls!
Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade
Fill that belly with sushi!
Ragdoll Achievement
Test weapons on a ragdoll and earn achievements!
Achievement Unlocked 3
Can you unlock all 400 achievements?
Johnny Upgrade
You are a superhero with no skills!
Shopping Cart Hero 3
Achieve fame and fortune with a shopping cart!
The Impossible Quiz Book
Answer correctly or die!
This is the Only Level 3
Just one more level!
Canoniac Launcher
Abuse a robot with a cannon and various weapons!
Feed Us
Beware of bloodthirsty fish!
Coinbox Hero
Beat the living coins out of a box!
Drop Dead 3
Torture ragdolls to death!
Roadkill Revenge
Cause traffic accidents!
Sushi Cat 2
Sushi lovers rejoice!
Amateur Surgeon 2
Grab your rusty tools and get ready to operate!
Catapult Madness
Catapult peasants as far as you can!

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