Other Games

Back to basics. Just connect the dots.
The Idiot Test
Are you an idiot?
Air Typer
Destroy the balloons with your typing skills.
White Shirts
Click on the people wearing white shirts. This is harder than it should be.
Spank the Monkey
Come on! You know you want to.
Catch 33
Can you catch all 33?
Bullet Time Reaction
React fast or you're dead!
Dark Cut
Viewer discretion is advised.
Classroom Cheating
Cheat but don't get caught!
Line Rider
Draw a track for the guy to sled on.
Sheriff Tripeaks
Classic solitaire variation.
What is the Color?
A quiz with colors!
Pretty Pretty Bang Bang
Convert the reds into green and so on!
Chaos Theory
How many balls can you explode with a single click?
Find People
Find that one person in a crowd of people.
Get rid of all your cards before your opponent does.
Texas Hold Em
Play Texas Hold 'Em against up to four players.

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