Other Games

Santa Rockstar 3
Rock out to holiday tunes.
Papa's Burgeria
Master the art of making burgers.
Fly Squirrel Fly 2
How far can you launch the squirrel?
A story about a lost robot.
Doodle Devil
Combine and create elements to corrupt the world!
Trigger psychedelic chain reactions!
Haunt the House
Scare the living daylights out of party-goers.
Into Space
How many days will it take you to reach space?
Creative Kill Chamber
Point, click and kill!
Recordshop Tycoon
Manage a successful record store.
One Button Arthur
Slay monsters with one button.
A game of deception.
You Have No Legs
No legs? No problem!
Tower of Heaven
Obey the rules.
Stunt Master
Broken bones are just part of the job.
Can you beat the tower of mini-games?
Crush the Castle 2
Let the crushing begin!
Meteor Launch
Launch a meteor into space!

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