Other Games

Warning: May cause your brain to explode!
Bunni: How We First Met
Save Bunni Island and find your soulmate.
Hedgehog Launch 2
Help this space-bound hedgehog reach new heights!
Upgrade Complete
Upgrade your way to victory!
Sci-fi point and click game.
Learn to Fly
Prove to the world that penguins can fly.
Crush the Castle
Medieval demolition!
I Love Traffic
Traffic has never been this much fun!
Effing Hail
Pound the city with hail!
Me and the Key
Find the key.
Music Catch 2
Catch the music.
Cursor Chaos
Can you handle the chaos?
Castle Clout 2
Tear down castles with new projectiles.
Chain of Fire
Start chain reactions with fire!
Castle Clout
Fun with a trebuchet.
Fishing Girl
Go fishing!
Hands of War
Who will you ally yourself with?
Investigate a spooky old house.

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